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Education Administration

Education in Thailand has gone through drastic changes since the first National Education Act has been in force in 1999. The guiding principles in education provision according to the Act are based on lifelong education for all, participation of all segments of society in education provision, and continuous development of the body of knowledge and learning processes.

With regard to education administration, all three education administration agencies which are Ministry of Education, Ministry of University Affairs and the National Education Council had been amalgamated into a single ministry called ‘the Ministry of Education’ in July 2003. Under the new structure, there are 5 central administrative bodies which report directly to the Minister of Education namely:


 Education Law and Regulations  


Education International Exchange

Thailand has fostered cooperation and partnership at bilateral and multilateral levels, and continuously participated in regional and international forums so as to enhance quality of education through sharing knowledge and experiences within the region and beyond.

At the higher education level, to create an international environment in teaching and learning process of universities which is instrumental to the internationalization of Thai higher education, OHEC has encouraged universities to deliver and maintain quality international programs. Thai universities have developed collaborative degree programs with foreign counterparts, and also provided students with opportunities for having study experience abroad.

In addition, OHEC has implemented a number of exchange programs in order to increase students’ opportunity to go on an exchange overseas, for instance, ASEM-OUO Fellowship Program and ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS) Program.

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